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Good day ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for visiting my website, the purpose of which is to help seekers to find happiness and peace. The reason why people have many problems in life is because they have a narrowed mind. The subject that I am working on is expansion of the consciousness.

People have many stereotypes, preconceptions, fears, and bad habits. These “cockroaches” interfere with wise perception of the world and because of that people develop harmful ideas. Harmful ideas make people do harmful things and because of that other people suffer a lot.

Believe it or not, but I became a happy person after breaking my neck and becoming quadriplegic. I've been working hard on my self-regulations for quite a long time and now I can say, “I’m proud of myself!” I attended various philosophy trainings where I gained an ancient knowledge of famous sages. I've been collecting this invaluable information from the different sources for many years. I read many esoteric books and watched a lot of documentary movies. 

I noticed that my knowledge arouses interest in other people and therefore I decided to conduct face to face consultations and trainings on skype, so I would help others to overcome some difficulties in life. I worked out a careful plan on how to help people cultivate their latent capabilities and strength. 

If it happens that you’re often in a bad mood, having problems at school, work, or home, and you want to change your life for the better – I’d love to help you. I will try to help you become confident, strong, and successful, so you could enjoy your life fully.

The main thing is – if you really want to accomplish something, you must make an an effort. I cannot solve your problems for you, but I can guide you in the right direction. It is necessary to work hard and then for sure there will be a positive result! From my own experience I know how to get rid of addictions, how to come out of depression, and how to enjoy the life fully.

Many people are afraid or lazy to learn something new. What can I say? It’s their choice and they build their life by themselves, but it could turn out that by the end of the life they might regret what they did not do, rather than what they did.

I sincerely wish to see you healthy, strong, and happy. Please write me if you have a question and subscribe for a free health tips at becomejoyful@gmail.com

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Yours truly, Fedor Markvardt