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I will be happy to help you find a way out of the difficult situation and choose the right vector, so those kind of situations do not recur. You can contact me by Skype or face to face, if you have such an opportunity.

I decided to make payments for my services on a charitable basis. In other words, you determine by yourself how much I have been able to help you. The reason why I do this, to make it affordable for adolescents, so they would also have the opportunity to look at their problems from a different angle. If at the moment you have financial difficulties, you can always reward me later. The only condition is to write a review of my work as soon as possible. It will inspire other people to succeed and at the same time it will be very useful for you, as when you describing your achievements, you fix it in your subconsciousness.

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Relationships with the opposite sex is the most popular topic and therefore I will try to expand it better. The most important thing in a relationships is to control own emotions and to know a specific behaviour of the opposite sex. The key to a strong relationships is to give her / him as much joy as possible. At the same time, we must know the characteristics of the opposite sex, that is how female or male personalities and emotions manifest in different situations.

We should remember that creating an idol in the guise of a beloved person can lead to disappointment in the beloved person. First of all, in order to develop and strengthen relationships, it is necessary to focus on yourself, on your inner world, on your state. In the second place, should be your relationships, and only then your position to your beloved. Only in this sequence, the union will become strong where love would flourish.

There are no ideal relationships and there is no need to build illusions about it. Often, relationships builds in a fit of passion and, as a rule, such relationships do not last very long, especially if the acquaintance occurred under the influence of alcohol. A person driven by passion is blind. He/she focuses only on sex with a partner and therefore after the goal is achieved, "love" disappears.

It is also important to mention that any claims, accusations, demands, jealousy and mistrust of a loved one, sooner or later lead to the disintegration of relationships. When lovers tend to bring more joy to each other, when they try to help each other in difficult moments, and they try to understand the state in which the beloved person is, only then they would live in harmony.

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Self motivation

Self-motivation is the most important condition for achieving goals. Self-motivation is a  self-hypnosis that you are geneous, kind, and strong person. Some believe that they are not beautiful enough, not smart enough, or just poor to succeed something, but they are just in traps of their mind. Napoleon, for example, was not an attractive man, but nevertheless at the age of 28 he became a general who nearly conquered the whole world. He was an evil genious, but his self-motivation was off scale. Therefore, you need to look at your difficult situation in a new way, remembering other great personalities. The main thing is to decide who you want to serve - god or devil. A person is able to create and inspire others to do great deeds by choosing the right vector with an effort and patience.

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Many people believe that smoking, alcoholism and drug use are bad habits, but in fact they are addictions. Bad habits are: the habit of gnawing nails, overeating, interrupting.

We will not here talk about bad habits, because I consider it so insignificant, senseless, and stupid, so it's not even worth to mention. These are miserable problems that a person must deal with himself. Therefore, here we will talk about additions.


It's not so difficult to give up smoking, if you realize how pointless it is. Does a cigarette really relax the nervous system as most smokers think? This is a great misconception, or in other words, an illusion.

There are many drugs, techniques and treatments for smoking. I believe all that is not necessary. First, you need to answer the question: "Why do you want to quit smoking?" Then, you need to organize your mind and your soul, only then the desire to smoke will disappear once and for all.

The trick is not to quit smoking, but first of all it is necessary to get rid of illusions, then everything will turn out by itself. In order to get rid of illusions, you need to change your life, look at the world from different point of view.

The most interesting fact that if any smoker would be offered a million dollars, they would quit right away, so it's all about motivation. So this person has a weakness and proud of it.

A human mind is very reluctant to refuse of something that has been imposed for years, so you need to learn how to turn off your mind and go to another state. For this I recommend various practices and meditations. I smoked a pack a day, so I know what I'm talking about.

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Most alcoholics do not even suspect that they are alcoholics. If you drink alcohol every day in small amounts, then I would make you upset by saying that you are an alcoholic. The easiest way to find out if you are alcoholic or not, is not to drink alcohol for 40 days. Can you?

Alcoholism, like smoking, is difficult to treat, while an alcohol-addicted person does not submit that he is an alcoholic. Then, he must make a firm decision either to quit drinking forever, or to learn how to control the amount of consumed alcohol and the frequency of its use. But the most important thing to do is to get rid of illusions. (Read above about smoking). I was an alcoholic, so I know the feeling.

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To quit using drugs is much more difficult than to stop drinking alcohol. There are all kinds of drugs and they all effect differently on human psyche. Even innocuous, as many people believe, marijuana, can have an distractive effect on human health if the use of marijuana becomes a lifestyle. Especially dangerous use of marijuana is on fragile young minds. Adolescents easily agree to try marijuana and feel a "cool" condition, and then, without noticing, they get "hocked" on it. Actually, from marijuana, begins a use of other serious drugs. Then might appear new "friends" who would suggest to try something new as: heroin, cocaine, LSD and other synthetic drugs. Obviously, a person becomes addicted to these serious and murderous drugs which are very difficult to quit. I should say that if I did not break my neck, I would not be able to quit using cocaine by myself. I hope you do not need to break your neck to understand that there might be a point of no return.

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I think I will not be mistaken if I say that depression happens almost with everyone, except for those who are in a state of harmony with themselves and nature. The most important task is to find a state of harmony. This is a way out of any difficult situations. In this state any problems disappear altogether. When a person is depressed, he is unlikely to read how to get out of it, so it's better to be prepared and do not get into this heavy condition.

Depression happens when a person's soul suffers, therefore it can be seen as a signal to necessary changes, and often, a big changes that completely change a person's life. It is important to remember that depression is a temporary condition and it will change for the better. If a person sinks in depression, this can lead to nervous and physical disorders. In order not to fall into depression, first of all, we'll try to determine the following reasons for its occurrence:

·         Health problems 

·         Death of loved ones

·         Family problems 

·         Relationships 

·         Dissatisfaction 

·         Losing a job

·         Additions

·         Absence of a goal

·         Weather

·         Property damage 

After we found the reasons, we must believe that there is a way out of any difficult situation. Besides, you have repeatedly overcame depression in your life and when another "attack" comes, it's time to switch your mind to bright, positive memories. Another major task is to accept the situation and look at it from the other side. There's no point to suffer and bursting with tears, so the sooner you find a way out of the difficult situation, the better. It is necessary to learn how to support and encourage yourself if there are no friends around. It is very important to categorically exclude self-pity and let your friends do the same. In difficult times it is the best to go out into nature, preferably to the river, as water takes away the negative energy. In no case do not take any heavy medications! Also, avoid watching news because as a rule, you will not see anything good - murders, deceit and provocations. People who watch news constantly are at great risk of becoming depressed. In opposition, pets perfectly help to overcome any melancholy, despondency, and soul pain.

In order to avoid depression, you must always be positive, be in good physical shape, eat well, have a shower in cold water, do your favorite thing and charity. No doubt that harmful habits would aggravate the tough condition, which in most cases is the cause of depression. I would also recommend you listen to Joe Dispenza's lectures how to eliminate stress and anxiety. Click here.

If this information is not enough for you to overcome a difficult moment in your life and you would like to discuss something, write me at: becomejoyful@gmail.com